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Hello, I'm new

I've brought a whole bunch of icons to share with the community. I've already posted all of these in elliottsmith, but I thought I should post them here, too.
There's 25 new icons with lyrics (also available blank; so it's actually 50), and also 6 mini-movies I made from the "Miss Misery" video a while back. Enjoy!


01. "In The Lost And Found (Honky Bach)"

02. "Little One"

03. "No Name #3"

04. "Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands"

05. "Amity"

06. "Pretty (Ugly Before)"

07. "Between The Bars"

08. "Easy Way Out"

09. "Needle In The Hay"

10. "Junk Bond Trader"

11. "Oh Well, Okay"

12. "Pitseleh"

13. "No Name #1"

14. "Waltz #2 (XO)"

15. "Satellite"

16. "Speed Trials"

17. "Bottle Up And Explode!"

18. "A Fond Farewell"

19. "St. Ides Heaven"

20. "Coming Up Roses"

21. "Tomorrow Tomorrow"

22. "Ballad Of Big Nothing"

23. "Alameda"

24. "Happiness"

25. "Color Bars"

"Miss Misery" mini-movies:

Hopefully Elliott would understand that my use of color is a style choice and nothing personal, lol.
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