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You've probably seen these before, but anyway...

Hello again! Another 25 lyric icons (plus blanks); as well as a few new mini-movies from the little video clip of Elliott in the studio. I'll have the numbering start from where I left off the last time...


26. "Let's Get Lost"

27. "The White Lady Loves You More"

28. "Strung Out Again"

29. "No Name #4"

30. "Shooting Star"

31. "Pictures Of Me"

32. "Can't Make A Sound"

33. "Everything Means Nothing To Me"

34. "Sweet Adeline"

35. "No Name #5"

36. "Condor Ave."

37. "Christian Brothers"

38. "Single File"

39. "King's Crossing"

40. "Bled White"

41. "Twilight"

42. "Angeles"

43. "Drive All Over Town"

44. "Baby Britain"

45. "Clementine"

46. "Coast To Coast"

47. "Pretty Mary K"

48. "Somebody That I Used To Know"

49. "Cupid's Trick"

50. "Roman Candle"

Video mini-movies:

Sorry again for the colors, Elliott. ;-)
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Snagging several of these, thank you, and will credit when I use them. Nice work on the bunch. BTW, how did you make the mini-movies small enough to be used on LJ? Mine are always too large a file.
Thanks! I made them in animation shop and just lowered the quality until it was small enough to use. Unfortunately for some, though, this meant the image quality was not so great, but at least the animations are pretty long... I guess. :-P

Took 31 & 32, will credit, thank you!
No problem; enjoy! :-)

I love these, they are beautiful, absolutley beautiful.
Thank you. :-D Glad you like.

i love the one where he skates! i love you for being so talented! i wish you would do something with it to get out of the hell you are in! ♥
Hehe, yeah, that one ended up being my favorite, too. And thanks... though I'm not sure how knowing how to make an animated icon would get me out of here... hmm.

I took a few.
I'll credit :)
Thank you! Glad you like.

these are all so amazing! thank you =)
Thank you. :-D And you're welcome, lol.

taking king for a day movie. that's fantastic.
Thanks! Haha, glad you like it so much. :-)

E! I love them all, the coloring is so beautiful... so yeah, taking... a lot... pretty much all of them.
Okay, I'm just taking all of them.
Thanks a bunch!
Thank you. :-D Haha. Enjoy!

They are great!
I took a few, will credit when i used them.