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These icons are not new... I posted them in elliottsmith MONTHS ago... but I forgot to post them here. :-X Sorry. But maybe they're new to someone, anyway.
Then, I've got some newer ones I made from the Olympia show DVD (2 of which are mini-movie). I'll add those at the bottom.
I'll start the counting from where I left off.


51. "Last Call"

52. "2:45 am"

53. "I Better Be Quiet Now"

54. "Everything Reminds Me Of Her"

55. "Big Decision"

56. "Waltz #1"

57. "A Question Mark"

58. "Southern Belle"

59. "Alphabet Town"

60. "Stupidity Tries"

61. "The Last Hour"

62. "Good To Go"

63. "LA"

64. "A Passing Feeling"

65. "I Didn't Understand"

66. "Independence Day"

67. "Punch And Judy"

68. "Memory Lane"

69. "No Name #2"

70. "Rose Parade"

71. "The Biggest Lie"

72. "A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free"

73. "Miss Misery"

74. "A Living Will"

75. "No Name #6"

From the Olympia DVD


Blank stills:

And I have recently made many, many more new icons, so I promise my next post will come a lot sooner. :-)
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